Spray Space VR Spray Painting

Note: John Penny is no longer publishing apps under newimage.io, so please note that old mentions of newimage.io refer to the developer John Penny (johnpenny.uk, johnpenny.info).

Posted: September 2016

Some sad news

Sadly I have cancelled development of SpraySpace, but look out for more innovative VR projects soon!

I did not feel like SpraySpace gathered enough momentum to be a viable commercial product; given the poor reception of other art games that virtualise real life activities. Therefore I will be moving on to bigger things, using what I have learnt while creating this project.

Posted: 19th June 2016

Coming Soon

Spray Space has been Green Lighted by Valve for release on Steam soon!

We are busy fleshing out the game with exciting new things to spray, and tweaking the usability.


Which VR platform is Spray Space coming to?

SpraySpace has no platform exclusivity.

We are currently finishing up the Vive game, and wish to port it to Oculus Touch if we can get oculus and touch dev kits.

Help & Tips

How do I paint and interact with stuff?

When you get into the game, look at the can nozzle (the cap), and look for the red dot. This is where your paint comes from, and also where your 'pointer' comes from when interacting with menus. To change the nozzle directions, open the can menu and choose a new one.

How do I move?

HTC Vive: Press the touch pad to activate the teleporter, then point at a valid surface and hit the pad again to teleport.

Oculus Touch: --

How do I change settings for a can?

HTC Vive: Look in the direction you would like the menu to open, then press the small menu button above the touch pad on the controller. Each can has its own menu. Make sure your nozzle isn't interacting with any other menu or canvas, or the can menu will not open.

Oculus Touch: --

How do I change settings for the canvas?

HTC Vive: Point any nozzle at a canvas and press the menu button above the touch pad on the controller. The menu will appear on the left side of the canvas.

Oculus Touch: --

How do I pick stuff up?

HTC Vive: You have a virtual 'hand' in the game, just above the nozzle of your cans. put your nozzle in front of an object and then hold the side grip buttons on your controller to grab an item. Canvases can be re-stuck to surfaces by placing them back side on.

Oculus Touch: --

How do I export art?

You can only export the art from the high resolution 2D canvases in the gallery. Not the 3D objects or the low resolution surfaces of the room. Open the canvas menu on the canvas you want to export, and press the save visible to file button. To export only one layer, toggle the visibility of the other layers to off, and then export. This will pause the game for around 1 second while the art is processed. Your art will be in Documents\SpraySpace

How do I use the layers system?

The layers are very simple, you have three layers which are numbered, and you can switch between these layers by pressing their number. You can also switch visibility, and delete the layer content. You can also merge down artwork - please continue reading the next question for details on merging.

How do I use the layer merge down system?

In the layers system you have a master/background/art layer at the bottom of the numbered layers. This is for 'saving' progress as you make artwork. When you press merge down on a layer it copies and overlays that layer on to the master/background/art layer. This means you can save some or all of the progress you have made, and then delete the content of layers 1, 2, and 3 without losing your art. Make sure you merge the layers down in the order you want them to overlay. Make sure to check that the art has merged correctly before deleting layer content, as you cannot undo.

What are all these options on the can menus?

As well as the colour selection tools, the can menus have three nozzle options, a colour picker, a can visibility toggle, and a drip toggle.

  • Colour Picker: This can pick the colour from a painted surface.
  • Visibility Toggle: If the can is getting in the way, and you cannot see what you're doing, toggle it off. There is a colour swatch on the bottom of the cap.
  • Drip Toggle: If you do not want any drips in your artwork, make sure to toggle this off in both can menus.

Help & Support

We provide limited support in English only. Emails will be dealt with in order of priority.


Please do not hurt yourself in VR. Take note of all the safety precautions listed by your hardware manufacturer. We do not condone the defacing or destruction of public property. Keep the graffiti in VR!